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Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra invites you on an extraordinary musical journey 5,000 years in the making. Reviving Eastern musical traditions through a full symphony orchestra, this concert offers an experience like no other. Western strings, percussion, woodwinds, and brass accentuate the sound of ancient Chinese instruments like the two-stringed erhu and the plucked pipa.

Shen Yun’s all-original music transports listeners from ancient battlefields to the blossom-filled gardens of the imperial court. Hear the divine inspiration behind one of the world’s greatest civilizations.

Along with award-winning bel canto singers and Chinese instrumental soloists, and featuring both original compositions and Western classical masterpieces, this groundbreaking performance is sure to leave you uplifted and inspired.

The Music of Shen Yun

  • •  All-original works 5,000 years in the making
  • •  Reviving Chinese musical traditions through a full symphony orchestra
  • •  Perfect blend of Eastern and Western musical instruments
  • •  Award-winning bel canto singers and Chinese instrumental soloists
  • •  Classical favorites from the European musical tradition


  • “The music they’ve created is such an excellent combination of traditional melodies.”
    —Dr. Richard Webb, organist, musicologist, and professor, Southern University
  • “Delightful... they blend the Chinese instruments so very well with the Western instruments.”
    —Per Brevig, conductor and professor, The Julliard School
  • “Magnificent! The singing is always impressive.”
    —Micaele Sparacino, founder of Opera Bel Canto
  • “Really wonderful! I’d be interested in playing some of this music or trying some of it myself.”
    —Charles Castleman, virtuoso violinist and professor, Eastman School of Music

About Chiayi City Cultural Center Music Hall

The Music Hall of the Chiayi City Cultural Center is considered one of the best theaters in Taiwan with its acclaimed acoustics. With an average of 120 to 150 performances every year, the Music Hall has earned accolades from performing groups and audience.  The music hall is equipped with special seats and a capacity of 1113 audience seats, and the stage curtain was fabricated in silk with the painting of master artist Lin Yu-Shan (林玉山), entitled Water Lily Pond.

The pond at the north side of the music hall was the timber pond used to store logs delivered by the Alishan Railway. Trees were planted during the Japanese Colonial Period, and they have now formed a small area of woods to shade the leisurely fishermen by the pond. “Fishing by the Cypress Pond” was one of the Eight Wonders of Jhuluo.