Upcoming Live Auditions: June 10-15, 2014

Positions: Conductor, Assistant Conductor, Harp  (auditions for other instruments may be available upon request)

To meet growing demand, Shen Yun accepts ongoing applications from qualified musicians. All positions are full-time. We provide a starting salary (commensurate with experience) of $2,500/month throughout the year, the option of room and board at our facilities in New York state, as well as coverage of hotel and transportation during the touring season (December-May).

As the world's premier classical Chinese dance and music company, Shen Yun's mission is to revive 5,000 years of Chinese civilization through performing arts. Every year, we produce an all-new program of original music and dance. We perform at top venues around the world, including New York’s Lincoln Center, Washington’s Kennedy Center, Sydney’s Capitol Theatre, and the London Coliseum. In addition, the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra, formed in 2012, performs at top concert venues including Carnegie Hall, Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, and Boston Symphony Hall.

Candidates who are interested should please review our details on Qualifications, Available Positions, and How to Apply; additional questions may be sent to auditions@shenyunperformingarts.org.



Experienced musicians worldwide are welcome to apply, provided they hold a master's or doctoral degree in music, or equivalent advanced degree.

We are looking primarily for artists who are interested in making a long-term commitment to our organization. All positions are full-time; we currently do not have any part-time openings. 

As the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company, Shen Yun's mission is to revive 5,000 years of traditional culture. In promoting enduring and values through our performances, we have also made meditation practice a daily part of our schedule, finding that it brings great benefits to our performers.

Our company philosophy is based on the spiritual discipline of Falun Dafa. Applicants should be willing to learn Falun Dafa meditation and follow its principles of “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.” We suggest candidates familiarize themselves with the practice by visiting www.FalunDafa.org, and reading the books Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun that are posted there and can be downloaded for free.

We invite you to visit our new section, Shen Yun & Spirituality: What is Falun Dafa?

String Instruments


    Please prepare the following:

    Mozart: concerto of choice (1st movement) with cadenza
    Any major concerto of the Romantic era: 1st movement with cadenza 
    Orchestral excerpts (1st violin parts):
    • •   (2nd violin part)   Smetana: Overture to Bartered Bride,beginning to DB of m. 52
    • •   R. Strauss: Don Juan,beginning to 13 after [C]
    • •   Brahms: Symphony No. 1, mvt. IV, mm. 22-28, m. 92 to DB of m. 132 
    • •   Mozart: Symphony No. 39, mvt. IV, beginning to m. 78
    • •   Mozart: Symphony No. 39, mvt. II, beginning to m. 27, mm. 30-60 [CUT m. 39, PLAY ENTIRE m. 38 and GO DIRECTLY TO DB m. 44]
    • •   Mendelssohn: Scherzo from Midsummer Night's Dream, Op. 61, beginning to m. 99
    • •   Beethoven: Symphony No. 9, mvt. III: m. 99-114 (L'istesso tempo)
    • •   Brahms: Symphony No. 4, mvt. III: beginning to DB of m. 63 [C]
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    Please prepare the following:

    One movement from any standard concerto or solo work before 1900
    Two contrasting movements of any J.S. Bach solo work
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •   Mozart:  The Magic Flute,Overture, bars 27 to 63
    • •   Beethoven:  Symphony No. 5, Mvt. II, bars 1 to 37
    • •   R. Strauss:  Don Juan,Op. 20, beginning to 8, 3 bars before [A] to 1 bar after [A], 17 bars of [C], 14 bars before [W] to 17 bars after [X]
    • •   Shostakovich, D.:  Symphony No. 5, Mvt. I, Moderato: 7 bars before [16] to 1 before [17] 
    • •   Mendelssohn, F.:  Scherzo from Midsummer Night's Dream: 8 before [A] to [D], [E] to 23 after [I], 1 before [K] to 4 before [L], [M] to [O]
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    Please prepare the following:

    One movement from any standard concerto or solo work before 1900
    Two contrasting movements of any J.S. Bach solo work
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •   Beethoven:  Symphony No. 5, mvt. II
    • •   Brahms:  Symphony No. 2, mvt. II
    • •   Mendelssohn:  Midsummer Night's Dream,Scherzo
    • •   R. Strauss:  Don Juan
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Double Bass

    Please prepare the following:

    One movement from any standard concerto or solo work before 1900
    Bach: one movement from any of the solo suites for cello
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •   Strauss:   Ein Heldenleben,Reh. 9-13, 77-78
    • •   Beethoven: Symphony No. 5, mvt. III, Scherzo and Trio
    • •   Mozart: Symphony No. 39, mvt. I (mm. 13-21, 40-98, 292-end) & IV (pickup to m. 105-138)
    • •   Brahms: Symphony No. 2, Mvt. I (Reh [E] to [F]), and Mvt. IV (Beginning to Reh. [B], mm. 244 to Reh. [M])
    • •   Bach: Orchestral Suite No. 2, Badinerie, no repeats
    • •   Mahler: Symphony No. 2, Mvt. I, Opening to Reh. 2 
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    Please prepare the following: 
    Mozart: Concerto in C Major for Flute and Harp, Mvt. 1                                                                      
    Handel: Harp Concerto in B-flat major, Op. 4, No. 6; 1st movement, Exposition 
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •   Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker, Suite No. 1, iii. Waltz of the Flowers, mm.3-33   
    • •   Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, Variation 1, Fugue: [I] to DB of [L]
    • •   Berlioz: Symphony Fantastique, Mvt. II (complete)
    • •   Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra, Mvt. IV. mm. 42-58, mm. 119-127

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Woodwind Instruments


    Please prepare the following:

    Mozart: Oboe Concerto in C major, K. 314; 1st movement plus cadenza 
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •   Rossini:   Overture to La Scala di Seta,Opening Solo to Reh. 1, pickup to Reh. 2 to DB of Reh. 3
    • •   R. Strauss:   Don Juan,pickup to 5th bar of [L] to DB of [N]  
    • •    Mendelssohn:  3rd Symphony, Mvt. II, pickup to [A] to DB of [B], pickup to 4 before [C] to DB of mm. 100
    • •    Ravel:  Le Tombeau de Couperin, Prelude; Opening to DB of Reh. 2
    • •    Brahms:  Violin Concerto in D major, mvt. II, Opening to mm. 32
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    Please prepare the following:

    Mozart: Concerto in G major, K. 313; 1st movement, Exposition
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •   Mendelssohn:   Midsummer Night's Dream, Scherzo, 2 before [P] to End
    • •   Debussy:   Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, opening to 3 
    • •   Beethoven:  Symphony No. 3, Mvt. IV, 5 before B to 13 before [C] 
    • •   Dvořák:  Symphony No. 8, mvt. IV, 8 before [D] to [E] 
    • •   Rossini:   William Tell Overture,20 before [F], Allegro Vivace
    • •   Saint-Saens: Carnival of the Animals,Voliere
    • •   Beethoven, Leonore Overture No. 3, mm.1-36, mm. 328-360 
    • •   Prokofiev, Symphony No. 1 (four excerpts total): Mvt. II (B-C), Mvt. IV (2 before A to D), 2 before [U] to End 
    • •   Brahms, Symphony No. 4, Mvt. IV, mm. 89-105
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    Please prepare the following:

    Mozart: Bassoon Concerto in B-flat major, K. 191; 1st and 2nd movements, Exposition
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •    Tchaikovsky:  Symphony No. 4, Op. 36, mvt. II ending solo, m. 274 to end
    • •    Mozart:   Le nozze di Figaro Overture,  mm. 1-7, mm. 101-172
    • •    Ravel:   Bolero, solo, rehearsal 2 to rehearsal 3
    • •    Beethoven:  Symphony No. 4, mvt. VI mm. 15-25, mm. 184-199, mm. 300-302, m. 348 to end
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French Horn

    Please prepare the following:
    Mozart: Horn Concerto in E-flat major, K. 447 No. 3, 1st movement

    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •    Tchaikovsky:  Symphony No. 5, mvt. II, solo
    • •    Strauss:   Till Eulenspiegel,  Op. 28, Gemächlich (beginning to Reh. 1)
    • •    Wagner:   Siegfried, Shortcall
    • •    R. Strauss:   Don Juan, 17 measures before Reh. [O] to [P], Reh. [Y] to 4 measures after Reh. [Z]
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Trumpet   (*  B♭ Trumpet required for all Shen Yun performances)

    Please prepare the following:

    Haydn: Trumpet Concerto in E-flat major, Hob. VIIe 1, 1st movement with cadenza
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •    Beethoven:  Leonore Overture No. 3 – off-stage calls
    • •    Mahler:   Symphony No. 5, mvt. I – beginning to mm. 84, mm. 211-256
    • •    Mussorgsky/Ravel:   Pictures at an Exhibition – Promenade
    • •    Stravinsky:   Petrouchka (1947), Ballerina's Dance – 1 before Reh. 134 to Reh. 139, and Reh. 143 to Reh. 147
    • •    Wagner:   Parsifal, Prelude – 8 measures after Reh. 1 to Reh. 3
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    Please prepare the following:

    F. David: Concertino for Trombone, Op. 4, 1st page 
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •    Mozart:   Requiem, Tuba Mirum
    • •    Ravel:     Bolero 
    • •   Strauss:  Till Eulenspiegel, 4 before 36 until 3 bars before 38
    • •   Brahms:  Symphony No. 1, C to Allegro
    • •    Wagner:  Ride of the Valkyries, upbeat to 6 until 3 bars after 7
    • •    Rossini:   William Tell Overture, 1st trombone, Reh. C to 9 bars after D
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Bass Trombone

    Please prepare the following:

    Bach: Cello Suite No. 5,  Sarabande
    Orchestral excerpts:
    • •    Haydn:   The Creation, No. 26, beginning until 1 before A
    • •    Rossini:   William Tell Overture,  Reh. C to 9 after D
    • •   Respighi:   Fountains of Rome, upbeat to 11 until 3 after 14
    • •    Berlioz:   Hungarian March - 6 bars before Reh. 4 until 3 bars after Reh. 5
    • •   Schumann: Symphony No. 3, first 8 bars of final movement
    • •    Wagner:   Ride of the Valkyries – upbeat to Reh. 11 until 5 bars after Reh. 12 
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Players of Traditional Chinese Instruments (Pipa, Erhu and Suona)

Please see our How to Apply page and contact auditions@shenyunperformingarts.org
for questions regarding repertoire.

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Teaching Positions


    We are currently hiring full-time professional violin teachers to join the faculty at the academic arts institution affiliated with our company.
    Salary commensurate with skills and experience (at least $2000/month). Applicants should be interested in learning and practicing Falun Dafa (www.falundafa.org). Candidates should email auditions@shenyunperformingarts.org
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Conducting Positions

Conductor and Assistant Conductor

    Live auditions will be held from June 10-15, 2014 in New York at Shen Yun's headquarters. Please see our How to Apply page and contact auditions@shenyunperformingarts.org for questions regarding repertoire. In the application, please indicate that your application is for June Auditions.
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Application Form

We appreciate your interest in Shen Yun Performing Arts. Applications are only being accepted for positions listed. Please fill out all fields in the form below to apply online. We require all applicants to fill out our online form.
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