“It’s the first time I’ve been exposed to so much classical Chinese music and I’m really enjoying it. It’s almost like old fashioned parables. It’s great for the elderly people in the crowd; it’s great for the little kids in the crowd. It’s fun to be a part of it.”
Contessa Brewer,  WNBC anchor, host of the MSNBC weekend program
"I was very taken by the mission, the spirituality, the aspect of Chinese people to be able to express themselves spiritually and philosophically and ethically. It was so moving. It was powerful, it was absolutely wonderful."
Anita Frey,  assistant professor at Adelphi University
"It is just an amazing experience here!... Its quite exciting to watch. Quite inspirational."
Stewart F. Lane,  producer, six-time Tony Award winner
"It’s energy that emotes not just to the front row, but to the whole theatre—[and] it’s not a small theatre.You can tell the energy that transcends all the way to the back row."
Elvis Stojko,  Canadian figure skating champion
“It was very uplifting, very uplifting and inspiring, and at times—very deep... I think that the bringing together of the Eastern and Western elements (instruments) is very effective. Very effective. I enjoyed it so much."
David Eaton,  composer, music director and conductor at New York City Symphony
“I felt that, especially with the classical dances, that this show was really an expression of that spirituality... I could reach into it and cross the divides, and reach into that spirituality.”
Wendell Mottley,  former Finance Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, former senior adviser at Credit Suisse and former Olympic medalist
"The level of the musicians is first-class, the ensemble is very good, very tight—good sound..."
François Malo,  cellist and world renowned archetier (bow maker)
"I have no more stress in my life. Artistically it’s just a good show for the soul, especially these days with everything happening on the planet... For two hours you just forget about the things you don’t want to think about... This is top quality."
Véronique Potvin,  acclaimed principal violist of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal
"The part about truth, compassion, and patience, this truly touched my heart. Will humanity get there one day? This truly made me cry. The performance was full of emotion for me, and it truly made me think... There is beauty, but one would say that in our world we don’t know where it is anymore. We found it concentrated here tonight"
Yolande Lemaistre,  founder and artistic director of theatre group Atout-Coeur
"For a professional musician like me, this is my life, I want to tell you that everything was perfect. I was listening to everything: the movement of phrases, the music, everything was perfect."
Vania Angelova,  one of Bulgaria's acclaimed composers
  • “Brilliant choreography… extravagantly beautiful.”
  • “A visually dazzling tour of 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture.”
  • “Superb! Every performance was stunning.”
  • “Beautiful sound… strikingly intricate melodies.”
  • “Breathtaking vistas… Vigorous jumps and dazzling spins.”
  • “A vision of loveliness, from the very first moment… The best projections I have seen in a very long time."