Shen Yun Performing Arts Launches New Website

We are happy to announce the launching of our brand-new, completely redesigned Shen Yun Performing Arts website. Starting today, visitors can enjoy never-before-seen articles and videos about Shen Yun’s artistic process and classical Chinese dance.

With this new website, you can get closer to our performers, with new sections providing an insider's view into Shen Yun.

Our new website emphasizes bringing you the latest information about Shen Yun. We will be regularly sharing with you new articles and videos as we prepare a new season and travel around the world.

At the same time, we are expanding our background-knowledge sections, with our artists contributing their insights into classical Chinese dance, music, costumes, and other aspects of what is known as divinely inspired traditional Chinese culture.

In “Behind the Scenes” you can have a glimpse into Shen Yun's production. Here you can learn how dances evolve from an idea in the choreographer's mind to a full-scale, colorful number performed on the world’s most prestigious stages. This section explores the incredible effort and collaboration involved in creating the compositions, costumes and other aspects of the production that take place away from the spotlight.

We are also expanding our multimedia offerings.  Check back often for new and exciting videos.

We hope you enjoy our new website and, of course, we invite you to look at our 2011 season schedule to find out when Shen Yun will be performing near you. Thank you for visiting!

Shen Yun Performing Arts
August 21, 2010