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“I feel that I learn more from teaching than what I teach to others.”

Melody Qin

Principal Dancer

“I feel that I learn more from teaching than what I teach to others.”

Melody Qin

Principal Dancer


Born in: Liaoning, China
With Shen Yun Since: 2008

Melody Qin won first place in New Tang Dynasty Television’s 2012 International Classical Chinese Dance Competition (adult female division) and won third place in the competition’s junior division in 2010. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Classical Chinese Dance from Fei Tian College after studying classical Chinese dance at Fei Tian Academy of the Arts, both in New York.


Personally Speaking...

Chinese Name: Qin Ge (秦歌).
Born in: Liaoning, China.
Favorite prop: Silk fans.
Favorite tour country: Japan.
Make up takes: 10 min.
Warm-up method: Jump rope for a while, or kick.
Intermission activity: I practice the techniques I have in the first dance in the second half (which are usually quite a few), and play catch with my handkerchief in preparation for that dance later in the second half.
# of stuffed animals in bedroom: 3.
Favorite packing tip: Bring less stuff.
Favorite bus activity: Sleep.
Hardest thing about tour: Days when we have a schedule of load-in, perform, load-out, and drive to the next city.
Favorite ice cream flavor: Coffee.
Favorite birthday dessert: Ice cream cake.
Comfort food: Milk.
Food always in your fridge: Whole milk.
Hobbies: Piano.
Decisive or fickle: Decisive.
Cheese or tofu: Tofu.
Most ridiculous fear: Mice, frogs, and toads.
If granted one wish, it would be…: I don’t think about unrealistic things.
Morning or night person: Morning, I get up early and go to sleep early.
Best season: Winter, because I’m from northeast China.
Most prized possession lost: I don’t lose things.

Repertoire Highlights

Ethnic Dance of the Yi (2021)

The Miraculous Flute (2020)

The Queendom (2019)

The Charming Ladies of the Yi (2019)

Ladies of the Qing Dynasty (2018)

Monkey King at Fire Mountain (2017)

Celebrating the Divine (2016)

Monkey King and the Skeleton Demon (2015)

Lantern Joy (2014)

Lady Mu Guiying Commands the Troops (2012)

The Monkey King Triumphs (2009)

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