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Shen Yun Review: Rudy Revak, founder of Global Ventures Partners

“One of the things that I really love was the message this (show) gave. I’m sure the Chinese government very much dislikes this, because it was anti-atheist, it was very pro-creator, and so we enjoyed that a lot…I’m a Christian. And therefore, of course, I believe very strongly that there is a creator. And so to watch this show was very encouraging. I also know how negative the Chinese government is and how they are treating their own people. And I think that one scene about the organ harvesting and the anti-religious scene that was in there was very, very, very aware. And I don’t think people in today’s world know that that is still going on today…I would say it was a very unique, different show, that you have to come and see for yourself because it can’t be described by someone unless you see it. And the dancing is so phenomenal, that anyone who enjoys dancing or even doesn’t think of themselves as having a dancing background, would love to see this because it’s so well done. And anytime you see people that are so professional, and they do their talent so well. It’s always great to watch the best of the best.”

Rudy Revak, founder of Global Ventures Partners