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Review: Ron Jessee, performing arts consultant & lecturer

“The dancers are magnificent! I am blown away by the fact that people can be running along, and suddenly there’s an aerial cartwheel, or a front flip, and you don’t even see them leave the ground—it’s like they’re anti-gravity, it’s amazing… The way the women move, it’s like their floating. The heads don’t move, but you see the feet going 100 mph, and it’s just stellar to see the amount of coordination, and the ability to really do that and carry it off in such a beatiful way… The orchestra is exceptional, they’re just—and the incorporation of traditional Chinese instruments into the instrumentation is fabulous… The thing that makes a really great performance is multiple levels, and so to see the staged pictures, and then the technology that goes into the staged pictures, which really sets off the whole thing in a real fun way—I think it’s just marvelous.”

Ron Jessee, performing arts consultant & lecturer