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Shen Yun Review: Maria Calvillo, recruitment consultant

“First of all, number one, the costumes are beautiful. I’m all about color, and the color is very well displayed here. The artistry—top notch. The passion behind every single performance, every single dance, the orchestra, the music—the fact that it’s in real time and I get to hear that music—it was beautiful. I love music—my husband’s a violinist—so music is part of my life, and I’m passionate. So every single performance meant something to me... You walk away feeling exhilarated, you walk away feeling...there was a moment of emotion. The most emotional part to me, was where they had their faith, and they’re talking about their faith. But I’ve also known that the Chinese people are very deep in their spiritual walk, in their faith, in their every single day of life... For me the message is so spiritual, it’s a connection between you and whatever spiritual being it is that you believe in. And also, when the singer came out—the gentleman who sang—when I was reading the interpretation of what he was singing, it was very meaningful to me, it was very deep. So it just made me feel like there’s a connection, a very deep spiritual connection, between you and whatever your faith is, whether it is that you follow the faith—the Chinese faith—that is up to you. But I think it’s a very deep spiritual meaning for every single person. So I would tell everybody, if you want a really good experience, and connect yourself with what your Creator is, you need to come to watch Shen Yun.”

Maria Calvillo, recruitment consultant