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Shen Yun Review: Stephanie Carlson, former dancer with The Joffrey Ballet

“I love the performance! It’s amazing, it’s spectacular, and everyone is just beautiful… The costumes, the delivery, the energy, of all of the dancers, and just the way that they portray every single story so well. I’m just, I love it… The dancing was spectacular, I love the fact that everybody—even of different statures and sizes—they were so on mark and in tune with each other, and they just actively participated as a group, and nobody is out of sync, and everybody is in rhythm with each other, and it’s just impressive, it’s an impressive show. Very impressive—I would love to see it again… I loved the plum blossom story, I just thought that it was beautiful, and the women that danced it did a magical job and really portrayed the plum blossom well… Their eyes tell a lot of the story, their arm movements, the way that they portray the story, a lot of it’s through their eyes and their expressions and their beautiful arm movements and their leg movements… Romance, passion, excitement, and then also those movements just of intrigue, of what’s coming next. It was incredible… The spirituality is beautiful, I think it’s portrayed very well in this show for people of all spiritualities. It’s very welcoming and inviting to people of all different religions and spiritualities. And we can all relate to it. ”

Stephanie Carlson, former dancer with The Joffrey Ballet