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Shen Yun Review: Steve Kates, TV and radio host

“This is my sixth time seeing the show, meaning repetitive years. And every time I see it I’m just totally amazed at the performers and the message that I see here. Shen Yun…heavenly beings…it talks about inspiration about how we all should be able to learn how to get along together on this planet. But even more, it talks about our immortality. If we believe in immortality, that by doing the right thing, follow the golden rule, we should all somehow learn to get together and be one. And be able to, of course, follow the good things in life. Maybe we should try to look at getting away from all the technology. And all the desire for having money as maybe the god. That’s not it. It should be more about spirituality, more about wanting to help individuals. People need to come and see and experience Shen Yun…breathe it in, because it’s something good for the body, it’s good for the mind, and above all, it’s good for the soul. ”

Steve Kates, TV and radio host