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Review: Dr. Alex Meza & family, physician

“This is a wonderful gift to us… It’s not just entertainment, it’s education—it’s done so gently and so lovingly that it just washes right over us. We’re grateful for the experience... Falun Dafa is now being persecuted. People will understand it’s the communists doing it, it’s not a Chinese thing, it’s a people thing. And people like the Falun Dafa, Christians, and other people who want to bring love and a better world, these are the people who are going to be persecuted... It gives a wonderful sense of what human beings can be, it they are allowed to be their best... It’s beautiful. It is wonderful, and that’s why it’s a gift to us, and we are grateful... When you bring beauty and grace, and this, everybody benefits, everybody benefits.”

Dr. Alex Meza & family, physician