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Shen Yun Review: Shirley Ballas, international dancer & head BBC dance judge

“It gets a 10 from me, that’s for sure… Well, being an international Latin dancer myself, you know, I appreciate different forms of art, artistic dancing—the quality, the technique, the arm styling—and this has just been, actually, it’s blown my mind away. Like I said, I’ve never seen anything quite so beautifully choreographed in my entire life… I’ve seen many dancers in my day, being the head judge on Strictly Come Dancing in Great Britain, and seeing these boys and girls today took my breath away. Each and every one of them are absolutely beautiful… The costumes, the storylines, the beautiful singer in the middle is absolutely beautiful, the soprano. I think from the beginning of the show all the way up to now, for me, it’s an A-star show. I think people will thoroughly enjoy it once they get their tickets and go, for sure… I think it’s definitely a show that should be seen globally and around the world. Anybody who gets the opportunity to see this show, should see it.”

Shirley Ballas, international dancer & head BBC dance judge