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“This was a magnificent production. I’m very impressed, and I would like to very warmly congratulate the Artistic Director for such a superb achievement… China is one of the of the great cultures of our world, and probably the oldest of civilized culture. I think we have a lot to know and see from that, and this gives us a glimpse of what traditional culture is like. And I think it is so important that this be preserved, and that this be shown to other people across the world… The message there is very clear—if you take God, religion, out of people’s lives—man is a creature who’s programmed to believe, and if instead of religion, or instead of divine belief, other thoughts come into mind, and human-made beliefs then take the place of the divine, these drag men down… I think this is particularly important in the modern world. In the modern world, so much has been lost. Man is endowed by his Creator, and all inspiration, all culture, all civilization comes from the Creator. And I think this is seen, you can see this in this magnificent show.”

David Flint, international jurist & former chairman, Australian Broadcasting Authority and Australian Press Council