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Shen Yun Review: Rep. Regina G. Young, State Representative

“I think it was absolutely amazing to be able to sit here and witness history in the making, real time, and being able to expose my child who I brought here today... The courage, the vibrant colors, the history, the smiles, the amazing opportunities that people were able to just forge through, to at least make their voices heard today—the stories that are being performed through art are amazing, and how we’re able to see that and understand it is absolutely amazing... If it’s supposed to be great, it will always come out. So the sun is always gonna shine on the great things that happen in the world. And so this is a part of it today... I do believe that it’s a message that is necessary for today. We need to always believe in something higher than ourselves, and I think that it’s important for us to always remember that we were created by something else, someone else, and it’s okay to go back to that. And when it’s darkest, just when you think that hope is not there, or when you think that a future is not there—or maybe you don’t realize the purpose that you have when you are here—understand that we were always created with purpose, and I believe that this message today, in this particular show, is a reminder that you were intentionally made on purpose. And you have some great things to do while you’re here on this earth.”

Rep. Regina G. Young, State Representative