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Shen Yun Performing Arts Reviews: Maria Eklund

“Impressive. I never saw anything similar in my life before. Amazing. Both the orchestra, the instruments, the balance was great, and the dancers of course are amazing in their technique, so the professionalism is the highest possible... And the Erhu instrument, it reminds [me] also of the violin but the pentatonics and the tone is a bit different, and it’s also very precise. The artist was amazing. She was so professional and the nuances were very sober, I would say... I learned many new things today, both as a professional and as [part of the] audience. What was interesting for me to see was that somebody dares to do something really beautiful these days. Not to break down the tradition and the form, but to try to build it up and show how it was, with some modern interpretation and some modern themes also in it. So it was very exciting to see.”

Conductor—first woman ever to conduct at the Bolshoi Theatre