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Review: Slobodan & Tina Radumilo, company vice president & spouse

“Slobodan: I think the show was really fantastic. You have three ingredients blended really well together. One is just that every component has a story, and so throughout the two hours of the show you get the true beauty of the history of the Chinese culture and perspective. The second thing is the really beautiful costumes, and I think the lighting was fantastic. And then the artistic performance was really phenomenal. The skills of every dancer and every performer was fantastic… For me it was really history through the dynasties and evolution, and closing with today’s situation, where you really have to disconnect from the electronics to really enjoy life, and see the beauty. I think it was really well done. Tina: I see the light, and the sun, and everything was so positive and hopeful. We are disconnected with the telephones. I really liked this because I have the same problem in the family, and I think this was really nicely put together. Slobodan: Really a lot of positive energy throughout the show. Very well done, very exciting.”

Slobodan & Tina Radumilo, company vice president & spouse