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Shen Yun Review: Julie Nesrallah, mezzo-soprano & classical radio host

“I just am so blown away. Its perfection, the virtuosity is incredible. It’s like you’re watching a dream… The performances are brilliant, they’re moving, they’re dazzling. The storytelling was incredible—even though they’re not saying a word you totally understand what’s going on. The costumes were out of this world! Even just watching everybody move in unison at the exact same time. And the effects of the backdrop with the computer-generated images and the dancers coming out, I mean, it was just SO mindblowingly excellent!… I love anything live, I think the live orchestra is always the best way to go. I loved all the colors… I am not exaggerating when I say it was complete and utter perfection. The singing was excellent. He just came out and gave you his heart and soul, and same with the erhu player. It’s just a nice departure to be intimate and one-on-one… This is really just a stroke of genius. I think it’s for everybody, and I can’t believe there’s a new show every year.”

Julie Nesrallah, mezzo-soprano & classical radio host