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Review: Deprise Brescia, actress

“My goodness, I see love and devotion, and a lot of spiritual principles and I thought that bringing those out and showing them in the beautiful stories that are told through dance and through all of it, those are values that, you know with the modern age, with technology the way that people have been become separated—I thought that [piece] was fantastic—and I’ve seen it with my own family and with children, its one of the things that kind of pulls us apart. So I thought that even though it has ancient roots, I thought it was very contemporary... I felt like the colors and the costumes were incredible. I absolutely loved the way that you used the graphics that you had the dancers jumping in and out of, and it had that magical feel—I thought it was fantastic. So, having been a performer in all of these different mediums, my hat goes off to everyone involved in the production. I thought it was wonderful.”

Deprise Brescia, actress