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Shen Yun Review: Samuel Gonzalez, Suffolk County Legislator (NY)

“Tonight’s performance was simply unbelievable. If you have not seen the show, you have to come and see the show. And if you’ve seen it already, come and see it again. And remember, every year it's different. So come on down. You are missing an absolutely wonderful show... I will tell you that I am amazed, simply, simply amazed. I, the stories, the storyline, the message, how it really hits you, to change, to be what they’re trying to address, their message—simply wonderful, simply beautiful... I could not believe, I thought that it’s, [that] somebody put a record or a CD and played it. I knew it was a live orchestra. They were perfect. I’ve been dealing with music for a very, very long time, a little bit over 40 years. And what I heard today was exceptional. So my hat's off to the maestro and the orchestra... The tenors were unbelievable. The pianist—she accompanied, you know, the message that they were singing, which is a message higher than us—it’s a message of the heavens, it’s a message about your beliefs. It’s a message that regardless of what’s out there, hold on, hold on to your to your love, your faith. And everything will always resolve at the end... Your belief and your strength from within, knowing that there is a higher being, will always overcome evil, will always overcome... I will have to say, Mr. D.F. [the Artistic Director]: this was simply off the chart from beginning to end. Continue the work, continue your messaging, continue. And I hope you go all over the world sharing this message because what you've done, on behalf of what I’ve seen today—bravo, my dear brother, bravo.”

Samuel Gonzalez, Suffolk County Legislator (NY)