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Shen Yun Review: Marcenae Lynette, actress

“So this is my first time, and I absolutely loved it. It was so beautiful, colorful, the message, and also the dancers were amazing. I have to give it up to the host and the hostess who emceed the show—kudos! It was fantastic. I loved the symphony, the orchestra, I loved all of the music. So the music was really moving. The singer, the instrument with the two strings—oh! Beautiful—I cried. They talked about me a little bit, ya’ll, but I cried… I also didn’t know a lot about the culture, especially when it came to—is it the Dafa?—to me, it was extremely peaceful. That’s the thing that I got from the show, it’s a peaceful, a peaceful, peaceful production, and I loved that message... I would say it’s life-changing, breathtaking, invigorating, and it’s a must-see.”

Marcenae Lynette, actress