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Shen Yun Review: Lisa & Nora Fröhlich, ballet teachers & sisters

“It’s a performance that is for anyone, from young to old and it appeals to different emotions, as well as to the soul... It’s humorous, but there are also serious topics that make you think. And I think every audience member can find something that speaks to them... Beautiful, pure aesthetics, very graceful, both the men and the women. It’s pure pleasure!... I was impressed by the images the dancers created—they were like living paintings. And the use of the props and costumes impressed me a lot... All the elements together were like a dream, and the interaction of music, dance, and costume—that was just a pleasure... The [dancers’] jumps stood out to us in particular—that was especially impressive. And their graceful arms and flowing movements.”

Lisa & Nora Fröhlich, ballet teachers & sisters