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Shen Yun Review: Barbara J. Elliott, professor & writer

“I thought they were spectacular! First of all, the atheletism is just really…I mean I know how hard it is to do some of the things that they did. So I’m in awe of the technical brilliance. But they express an inner beauty as well…an inner light…the inner masculinity…you know when the men are there…and the femininity and the women. But also the indomitability…they weren’t just pretty and soft, although they were that too. And regardless of what faith or tradition you follow, there are truths that are universal and that transcend the particularities. And I love the affirmation. There is….there is spiritual truth, there is god, there is morality, and it matters. I would say that it is soul-filling, and eye-popping, and it’s an overwhelming of the senses, but also of the heart. It fills the heart. ”

Barbara J. Elliott, professor & writer