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Shen Yun Review: Melissa Maricich, actress & stage performer

“They’re all just incredible, incredibly skilled artists and performers themselves. You know, that takes years and years to do, the things that they make look so easy… Honestly, I enjoyed the most actually—they’re each individually so beautiful—but they work together soo beautifully. And that is far harder. Most people can look very good on their own, they can do good work on their own, if you’re a talented and skilled performer. But doing it together like that, that’s a whole ‘nother level… Thank you for the years and years of hard work, because it’s day in and day out. You don’t, you can’t do that kind of work—every performance, consistently, safely for your castmates, and for the audience—you can’t do that without doing years and years of six, seven days a week of hours of work. So I just would like to say, “Thank you.” And the sacrifices and the hard work have not been for nothing, and it really has meant a lot to people who get to see it.”

Melissa Maricich, actress & stage performer