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Shen Yun Review: Dr. Kay Hartwig, professor of music & musician

“As a musician I think it’s just wonderful that the history of Chinese music and Chinese dance is actually taking us, in the 21st century, on that journey to understand and to see that wonderful culture of music and dance, so that we don’t lose it. As a musician I love to see that happening today… It’s wonderful to see East & West come together, with music, the dance, the arts. Which, of course, you know, I believe that the arts could cure the world, and we’d all live in peace and happiness if everybody was involved in the arts… The choreography, the line, the dance, the form of the dance is just wonderful. And then of course you’ve got these wonderful, athletic, and precise dancers in the most glorious, colorful costumes, that you can’t help but be transported to another world when you’re sitting there watching it. If we were all able to come and enjoy and participate in such a beautiful show, you go home with a renewed spirit and a wonderful feeling.”

Dr. Kay Hartwig, professor of music & musician