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Shen Yun Review: Paul Skousen, professor & author on the U.S. Constitution

“The athleticism, the talents, the balance of all these beautiful young people… What they portrayed and showed us… It was invigorating. It was encouraging. Gave me hope that even in places and times of oppression and darkness, so much light can come out of that. And it certainly gave me encouragement. I’m going home…I think I lost ten pounds. I feel lighter. It was really a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What touched my heart was the portrayal of sincere people trying to build good lives based on good principles. And seeing the forces of darkness trying to crush that light… And that just seems to be a common theme all around the world. So I really enjoyed seeing that portrayed… How beautiful life can be and how important it is we preserve that and stand up against the force of darkness that are trying to destroy that. Clearly not a place on this earth for that kind of a dark force. And the sooner the Chinese people can rise up and throw that off, the sooner the entire world will benefit from all they have to give (but) that has been suppressed because of the Communist Party of China.”

Paul Skousen, professor & author on the U.S. Constitution