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Review: Cynthia Peeples, former NBC affiliate news anchor

“[Note: Ms. Peeples’ mother experienced persecution in her homeland of North Korea.] When you have an opportunity to have artists, specifically performing artists, come and tell their story, it’s very moving. There were several times when I was watching this presentation when I was moved to tears. I mean, I’m Asian as well, and there were a lot of times when I was moved because I was sitting and listening to my mother tell me her story. And then I was listening to my mother not tell me her story, but I saw a lot of what she was trying to hide, and what she was not trying to hide, come out. It was a very powerful performance for me. I was delightfully surprised… The music was very uplifting and inspirational at the same time. The entire time I was watching it, I didn’t feel any lulls, or low. In a lot of theatrical presentations we’ve been to, performances, the music kind of drives how you feel, and the music in this presentation just really kept you on a high note through the entire presentation… I loved it. ”

Cynthia Peeples, former NBC affiliate news anchor