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Shen Yun Review: Tony Robbins, world-renowned author & speaker

“I think it’s magnificent, it’s magnificent to see another part of Chinese culture that a lot of people don’t get to see. The stories are amazing, the execution and the dance is amazing, hearing the history that so much of gymnastics begins in China thousands of years ago—all this is beautiful and fascinating… It’s sad to see when culture in any part of the world gets squashed. But I think this is beautiful because it’s keeping it alive and it’s sharing it with the world… By keeping things alive and seeing the beauty of this, I think it makes sure that the culture continues. I think that’s absolutely beautiful! … When people are holed up at home, and they don’t know what the future’s like, it’s nice to have a perspective of 5,000 years of dance and music to change your perspective, and give you a different frame of reference… It’s been very enlightening, and it’s beautiful, the music’s gorgeous, so I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Tony Robbins, world-renowned author & speaker