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Shen Yun Review: Pat Conneen, audio engineer, sports & entertainment

“If you miss this show you’re an idiot. It’s worth the dollar, it’s worth going out to see. You don’t get to see theater like this or performances like this on a regular basis… It’s something that will touch you a little differently than other things that you go to see. So I was in awe… As somebody who’s worked with major artists, like I said, who’s watched months and months of rehearsal come to something, come to fruition on stage, their execution has been perfect, absolutely outstanding… It shows in their dance, in their art form. It’s very pure. It’s saintly, it’s very saint-like, if I can pull from another faith. There’s a lot of piety, and you can see their faith in their performance.”

Pat Conneen, audio engineer, sports & entertainment