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Shen Yun Review: Uwe Mies, German film critic

“This combination of live entertainment and then digital entertainment on a big screen—I haven’t seen a synthesis like that before, it’s wonderful. And then of course these dancers: Great, really beautiful... I very much liked the costume design. The colors are really very rich in color; that’s something you cannot find on German stages. And then, of course, the spiritual aspect, the faith that is conveyed, that is something that we are lacking here in this modern world... If you can find a way back to values that are said to be old-fashioned today, for example values like solidarity, values like loyalty, values also like commitment to nature. Then that can’t be wrong. And in this respect, I would say that this show can have quite an impact, maybe it can cause people to take a moment to reflect on themselves afterwards and behave a little differently in the future... You’d have to be made of stone if you were not touched!”

Uwe Mies, German film critic