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“I love the show. The show is so, it’s so filled with light. It’s exactly what this city needed. We needed to hear this story, we needed to see the dancing, and we needed to feel it in our bones. It’s absolutely, just the best thing that we could have had!… When the live orchestra is playing, and the people are dancing, you can feel it in your spine, you can feel it in your being that, on another dimension, everything is going to be all right. It’s absolutely beautiful, I don’t know what else to say… When the lady sang her song, the words that I read were the same words that have been, you know, said over and over again in these ancient cultures. So I believe that the ancient Chinese culture overlaps with many other ancient cultures, and there is just the one truth, that, there is a veil over this world, and that if you just breathe and look hard enough, heaven is right here. And I think that’s the message. It’s just one, it’s one degree away. ”

Flora Karas, actress with credits including “Supergirl”