Ten years of Shen Yun. Ten spectacular seasons. Celebrate our journey and vision with a new commemorative video. Plus: Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra debuts in Asia this September! And more nuggets from traditional Chinese culture.
Happy 10th Birthday Shen Yun!
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Symphony Heads East
Symphony Heads East
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra launches its inaugural Asia tour next month. Japan, Taiwan—here we come!
Taiwan Charms
Taiwan Charms
Join dancer Sam Pu on a Formosan getaway, and find out why he couldn’t stay away.
Pan Gu
Mythistory: Legends from the Divine Land
The Chinese tale of creation stars a selfless giant who did all he could do before giving all that he could give.
Crescent Moon Spade
Crescent Moon Spade
It originates from monastic traditions, gets in on fantastic tales as well as the Shen Yun stage. Discover the weapon of choice for…
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You Asked: Why is Shen Yun based in New York?
  Were you surprised to find out that Shen Yun is made in the U.S.A?  
  Actually, our artists come from all over the world. Those of them from China felt compelled to go abroad after discovering that traditional culture could not be revived in their homeland—not under a regime that’s been trying to destroy it the past 70 years. These artists came together in New York looking for unrestricted license to create and perform, to rediscover their lost heritage and share it with the world.  
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  Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra kicks-off on the Mid-Autumn Festival next month.
We'll be bringing you melodies over mooncakes, and more!