While still touring the United States and Canada, Shen Yun is now also headed to Australia, Asia, and Europe. Plus, find out how the teenage emperor defeated a power-hungry general, learn to breath in a cloud of dry ice, see our photos of the month, and more.
Shen Yun Launches International Tour!
Shen Yun 2016
Emperor Kangxi
Before He Was Great…
Before he ruled the Qing Dynasty for 61 glorious years, Emperor Kangxi had to first outsmart the powerful general Aobai. Not bad, for a teenager.
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Our dancers
NEW: Photos of the Month
When they’re not performing, our dancers and musicians can often be found snapping pictures of life on tour.
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Dancer Michelle Wu
Blog: How to Breathe in a Cloud of Dry Ice
Dancer Michelle Wu takes us, well, under the scene.
Audience Review
Review: ‘It went into your heart, into your soul’
“It gives people an opportunity to see the dimensions of heaven.”