Audience Reviews  
  • I probably have reviewed over 3,000 to 4,000 shows… and none can compare to what I saw tonight.
    —Richard Connema, Broadway critic
  • Brilliant choreography! Extravagantly beautiful.
    —Broadway World
  • Incredible, groundbreaking.
  • I encourage everyone to see and all of us to learn from.
    —Donna Karan, fashion designer, creator of DKNY
  • It’s one of the happiest evenings of my life. All my cares just disappeared, and I became one hundred percent positive-thinking.
    —Anna Liceica, soloist, American Ballet Theatre
  • Really out of this world! There is no word to describe it… If I had to, the words might be ‘divine,’ ‘reborn’ and ‘hope’.
    —Christine Walevska, Goddess of the Cello, watched Shen Yun 5 times
  • There is a massive power in this that can embrace the world... It brings great hope… It is truly a touch of heaven.
    —Daniel Herman, former Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic
  • It was fantastic. First of all, I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t know what it was, I knew nothing about it.
    —Jody Mortara, actress
  • Having been a performer in all of these different mediums, my hat goes off to everyone involved in the production. I thought it was wonderful.
    —Deprise Brescia, actress
  • The choreography: everything on cue, everything on point.
    —Elliot Treend, dancer and choreographer
  • Really this was for me just a delightful evening, much, much more engaging than I had imagined.
    —Ted Marmor, professor emeritus, Yale University
  • The overall sound of this orchestra is very lush, it's very brilliant, it's really clean.
    —Kathleen Gorman, pianist and composer
  • I would say that you really need to come, that it really enriches the heart and the soul.
    —Laurie Evans, former business owner
  • I think that it is a message for all of humanity, not only in China, but elsewhere, where those who seek spiritual enlightenment [and] spiritual freedom tend to be attacked because they are a threat to those who live by force.
    —Nate Jessup, founding director of Imagine Museum
  • It was so beautiful, extremely colorful [and] stunning to watch. The technique was phenomenal.
    —Matthew And Joslyn Duncan, tenor and ballet instructor
  • Very Inspired. Very spiritual. Very connected between heaven and earth...
    —Marya Beauvais And Steve Markham, actress and producer/director
  • It was for me maybe the fourth time that I visited this performance and it’s really touching my heart...
    —Daniel Herman, former Minister of Culture, Czech Republic
  • Entertainment of the highest order.
    —Stage Whispers
  • As I watch those dancers and I listen to the music, I think, ‘This is incredibly good. It’s world standard. These people can do anything.’
    —Dr. Arthur Waldron, professor of International Relations, University of Pennsylvania
  • I think the production kept to history, and sometimes when people recreate 5000 years...
    —Katrina Lim, entrepreneur
  • It was amazing, the young lady just had no ceiling. We call that ring, it's that bel canto sound, where it’s an expanded sound where you get it where it resonates and it just rings.
    —Tom Cain, award-winning singer
  • I’ve enjoyed each and every story. The costumes, the color—it’s elegant, it’s beautiful and it’s so much fun.
    —Tom Hanneman, former NBA play-by-play television announcer
  • I looked down and I could see all the orchestra playing. It was hard to believe that it was actual live music, it was so perfect…
    —Derek Strunk, senior military analyst
  • As I say, so far it seems to me, to be one gigantic poem.
    —Rod Moran, award-winning poet
  • My favorite moment was the solo for the two string instrument, that was incredible.
    —Joy Farrall, professor at the Guildhall School of Music
  • I mean I was in my seat leaning forward, wanting to see more and more of it.
    —Dr. Peter Rivers, biologist
  • It’s emotional, it’s visual, it’s audible—it’s all of them and it’s very unique.
    —Jubal Lee Young, musician
  • Blood, sweat and tears. Incredible dancers. Wonderful.
    —Avril Hagan, former classical dancer
  • I loved it. I mean I thought it was just exquisite. It’s not like anything else I have ever seen...
    —Coral Drouyn, theater critic
  • I really enjoy that they are bringing back traditional dance and interpretation of story...
    —John Paul Frederick, painter
  • It's wonderful to have Shen Yun in the building and really help us elevate the level of what is performed here.
    —Alexander Neef, opera company director
  • When I heard the Erhu piece, I was struck by the delicacy of the sound that came out.
    —Thomas Franzky, classical singer (Opera)
  • I’m looking at the choreography and the musical influences and I see...
    —Philip Mann, conductor (Arkansas Symphony Orchestra)
  • I wish I could tell each and every one of them that they were amazing. Because I know how hard it is.
    —Samantha Huebner, professional ballerina
  • This is something different, this is culture, this is musical, this is spiritual—another level of connectivity with different cultures, different ethnicities, and people in the past.
    —Rojin Rahmani Review, musician
  • It’s quite breathtaking... It’s very evident that the dancers of the Shen Yun company have a classical base to the way that they move.
    —Steven Heathcote Review, Ballet Master, Australian National Ballet
  • It was absolutely fabulous, probably more exciting than...
    —Gerie Hansen Review, former theater producer
  • I’ve worked with professional orchestras in England, and I’ve never heard anything as...
    —Tim Knight, conductor, composer, classical guitarist
  • This is a must-see. I’ve seen pretty much every Broadway play, I’ve traveled and seen many shows, but this was so exciting for me.
    —Katrina Lim Review, entrepreneur
  • The technique is flawless, really, it is!... If only we could get that perfection in classical ballet.
    —Athol Willoughby Review, OAM, renowned ballet teacher & senior examiner
  • The Shen Yun dancers perform such difficult movements very skillfully and beautifully.
    —Dr. Lee Soon Lim Review, chair, Korean Dance Cultural Institute
  • It’s just unbelievably impressive.
    —Heidi Harmon Review, mayor of San Luis Obispo, California
  • I tell everyone, ‘You’ve got to see this.’ It was just brilliant, it was a brilliant production.
    —Lee Meriwether & Marshall Borden Review, accomplished actress & actor
  • I really admire what Shen Yun is doing with it music...It has profound and interesting significance.
    —Tsai Ming-chu Review, award-winning violin maker
  • It touches something beautifully spiritual in all of us.
    —Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington
  • It boggles the mind to see the kinds of things they can do with their body. It is just absolutely fascinating.
    —Consiglio Di Nino Review, former Canadian senator
  • The colors are just so vibrant, the sparkles... I just can’t stop smiling!
    —Anju Uddin Review, painter
  • Tonight’s performance was absolutely amazing. I was blown away by not just the talent, but the messaging behind the performance.
    —Dr. Rachel Carling-jenkins Review, member of the Victorian Legislative Council, Australia
  • This is in fact one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed in my life...
    —Keith & Shirley Zuehlke Review, celebrating 64th anniversary
  • I find the music amazing. I love the traditional, ancient Chinese culture...I’m so happy to see it.
    —Ola Rafalo Review, opera singer
  • The show is well named, because it’s all of that and more.
    —John Parker Review, senior attorney & former city councilor, Toronto
  • The traditional couture of the Shen Yun costumes were beautiful. They were something I would certainly not forget.
    —Jason Grech Review, award-winning fashion designer
  • To be able to come and see this show is one of the great thrills of my life.
    —Gail Grover Review, retired flight attendant
  • That was absolutely superb… everything was just so ethereal.
    —Cheryl Miller Review, former ballerina
  • The beauty was absolutely divine. It was beyond just what I could sense—I used all five of my senses and I still needed more.
    —Anastasia Athans Review, creative director
  • It’s an incredibly beautiful, entertaining show…It’s superb.
    —Jean Smart Review, three-time Emmy Award-winning actress
  • On the other side of the globe, there is this entire beautiful race of people who have the same feelings inside that we do...
    —Terry Anderson Review, project manager
  • I thought the mix of instruments worked very well...It’s really a treat to come to.
    —Wayne Cameron Review, trumpet professor, Peabody Institute
  • I can take pride in my culture through this...I think the medium is very, very powerful. It’s very good.
    —John Ching Review, attorney & interpreter
  • The dancers are spectacular in their movements, and the orchestra is wonderful and...
    —Peter Kent Review, Member of Parliament, former Minister of the Environment, Canada
  • You must go…or you’ll never forgive yourself for what you didn’t find out.
    —Nancy Brock Review, former actress, associate producer
  • Loved it, loved it, loved it... All the flowy fabrics—so beautiful in the way they move.
    —Rebecca Hodges Review, painter
  • This was a little respite from the outside world, where we could enjoy…
    —Christopher Popa Review, librarian, Chicago Public Library
  • It was magical. It was amazing. I think everyone should see it—it’s beautiful, it’s like a painting coming to life.
    —Sarah Le Review, graphic artist
  • Fantastic! The costumes, the dancing, the choreographing, the music, everything was just spectacular!
    —Ellen R. Sauerbrey Review, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
  • I could see that they put a lot of hard work into training every single day to make everything so perfect.
    —Jackel Wai & Alexandra Mo Review, fitness professionals
  • Masterful... I certainly thought this was the most spectacular of all of the different shows.
    —Leif Bristow Review, film & tv director and producer
  • Very fine musicianship. Very fine artistry. Really moving…
    —Scott Harris Review, bassist, Virginia Symphony Orchestra
  • Wonderful! I will be back next year with more people.
    —Chin-chien Wu, company president & Rotary Club member
  • They’re tremendously talented and disciplined, and they dance beautifully.
    —James Kenney Review, Mayor of Philadelphia
  • I think the culture just reached across all cultures...It was uplifting, it made me feel happy.
    —Scott & Sarah Ritchie, manager of international shipping company & spouse
  • Beyond what the human body can perform! I don’t think this can be duplicated or done any better.
    —Alexander Zureikat Review, physician
  • Oh, it’s so beautiful... Her birthday was Friday, so we surprised her with tickets!
    —Christina Dryden, mother & nurse
  • On every level, it was just—you just never stop marveling!
    —Sharalyn Pliler, author
  • It was a beautiful way of expressing it through art, through dance, through sound—because sound is very healing. It was quite a performance.
    —Alyssa Alook, actress & model
  • This is... a moment to come and just be totally inspired. You have to see it.
    —Denyse Baboolal, choreographer
  • Whoever put it all together is a genius... Remarkable!
    —Robert Vogt, board member, Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • This was right up there with the very very best… You know that they’re dancing from the inside out.
    —Judith Clark Review, ballet teacher & former principal dancer, Boston Ballet
  • Oh my goodness! Romantic! The most stunning, the most colorful!
    —Louis Kraml, hospital administrator, retired
  • It actually introduces you not just to the external events of the historical narrative of China, but actually to values...
    —Mustafah Dhada, professor of history
  • They’ve got amazing facial expressions, and they really bring so much happiness and feeling to every part they’re playing up there.
    —Debbe Dunning, actress & model
  • Truly superb... The stories were fascinating, and I feel...
    —Misako Ohashi, Japanese playwright
  • There’s a deep spirituality that I think underlies a lot of the dance and music...a beautiful foundation for someone to live their life by.
    —Dr. John Brogan, theological seminary dean & former professor
  • Absolutely terrific—fabulous musicians who have incredible technique.
    —Carlos Romero, violinist & luthier
  • Tremendous talent!... Any place where they’re performing, I will seek them out.
    —Ambassador Larry Palmer, former U.S. Ambassador to Barbados & the Eastern Caribbean
  • I loved the color, and the sky, and the mountains... This was phenomenal!
    —Amal Shihabi, watercolor painter
  • It just makes your whole spirit exuberant!
    —Robert Espana, physician and former dancer
  • You could tell that they really felt what they were sharing, even down to their fingers... I just loved it!
    —Katrina Tooman, dance instructor
  • Wonderful performance! I loved the spiritual aspect of it. I hope we all can take this message from the show and continue it in our daily lives.
    —Neeta Shukla & Kirti Patel, medical researcher & anesthesiologist, respectively
  • It was incredible…I feel really inspired…The performances were amazing, and a lot more humor than I was really expecting…This is just so unique...You have to see it...
    —Moana Holden, Australian model and actress
  • It was magic. I’m very happy that my children have had a chance to see this.
    —Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, U.S. Representative for California’s 48th District
  • There’s a heavenly gracefulness to the dancers... They remind me of angels.
    —Sister Mary, Catholic nun, California
  • I believe we become better people just by watching and witnessing this.
    —Hector Lopez, U.S. brigadier general, Wartime Chief of Staff
  • Seeing the aerials, backflips, and back handsprings across the stage—amazing!
    —Robert Ryan, martial arts instructor
  • We’re very honored to see something that you cannot see in another country, something that’s forbidden... We’re honored to see that in the United States.
    —Beatrice Paden, insurance broker
  • Very exuberant, beautiful, and heartfelt... A very precious cultural heritage.
    —James Lynn, professor of studio art
  • The conductor did a magnificent job—interesting harmonies... Bravo!
    —Guy Bélanger, Canadian tenor, composer, and conductor
  • It's when we feel hopeless that hope becomes most valuable. So, it's nice that Shen Yun offers hope to people...I think that is a real gift.
    —Stephen Woodworth, former Canadian MP
  • They are so technically perfect, and that, of course, I respect. But I can also tell they are dancing from the heart and the soul, and that is the ultimate.
    —Valerie-dawn Girhiny, educator
  • It was just a wonderful thing...It was like this incredible painting where everything comes together as one.. Awe inspiring.
    —Gordy Zanity-donn, musician
  • You can just feel it in these people. All they want is freedom and a chance to perform and do good...The message they’re delivering is just phenomenal.
    —George Strake, former Texas Secretary of State
  • I think it touches your soul. I feel like I’m in a different place. I feel like I’m not in Houston, Texas anymore—I’m somewhere else and it’s beautiful.
    —Rachel O’brien-eddy, author and speaker
  • The spirituality was—it was amazing. The spirituality just brought so much hope and joy, and camaraderie…Everything was just spectacular!
    —Kareen Zahr, business owner
  • The dancing was really unbelievable…I love the notion that 5,000 years ago they had all this wisdom, and that there is a movement trying to bring it back to our awareness…Brilliant.
    —Francisco Wulff, economist
  • This is so incredible, I’m overwhelmed. I’m thrilled to be here…Fantastic job.
    —Jean Alexis Smith, renowned pianist
  • Extraordinary costumes and vigorous physicality.
    —Denver Post
  • Startling and breathtaking, and we learned a lot.
    —William Baldwin, film actor and producer
  • It’s a story, it’s a movement, it’s a feeling that you feel inside that goes beyond the stage.
    —Rudy Salas, California State Assembly member
  • The experience will be not just one of entertainment but one of self development, knowledge and learning.
    —David Sweet, Canadian MP
  • I’m glad to see that the traditional values are being supported here, an ancient wisdom.
    —Craig Huxley, Emmy winning film producer and composer
  • I would say I feel ascendant when I watch this. I feel like I’m floating in a cloud when I see the show.
    —Dr. Henry Moller, assistant professor at the University of Toronto
  • Spectacular! What a show, I really enjoyed it. I truly did!
    —Stacey Simon, TV host and author
  • It was moving, it was satisfying, it was novel, it was unpredictable. It was [a] completely satisfying artistic experience from every standpoint. Bravo to Shen Yun. Bravo to everyone involved.
    —Loreen Arbus, former cable television executive for Showtime and Lifetime
  • It’s more than just entertainment... It’s really incredible.
    —Leyna Nguyen, three-time Emmy-Award winning journalist
  • It’s fascinating, and it’s more diverse than I expected. It’s ancient, it’s modern—it’s really beautiful.
    —Michael Phillips, Academy Award-winning film producer
  • This is a very hopeful performance... and it’s all done through a magnificent choreography and artistry and dance.
    —Irwin Cotler, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
  • I’m so emotional and so overwhelmed that I’m not sure how articulate I’m being, but they were just phenomenal.
    —Leslie Elliott, model
  • I can see that they have beautiful training. I can imagine they have a very, very long rehearsal process to be so good in synchronizing with each other, coordinating in their movement.
    —George Chakiris, Academy Award & Golden Globe winning dancer, singer, and actor (for his role in "West Side Story")
  • We try to see it every year. This time I think I enjoyed it more than ever. It just made me feel really good.
    —Jean Smart, three-time Emmy Award-winning actress
  • It’s physical poetry. It’s poetry through dancing.
    —Victoria Chang, award-winning poet and writer
  • When the show started, I felt at once that I left my mind behind and that only my heart was present. And my heart also opened immediately.
    —Heiko Schrang, best-selling German author
  • It was very thought-provoking—a lot of important things to think about.
    —Jack Baum, retired musician
  • What they are doing is using art to change the world.
    —Jim Hernandez, musician
  • It was a lesson that love and creativity, and tradition, and history can all come together for a production such as this.
    —Renee Willis , lecturer at Argosy University and Chaffey College
  • I really loved that in the midst of so much grace and entertainment, there were some really deep messages...
    —Seema Rahmani, actress, writer and director
  • I felt the depth of the story was ‘hope’ for all of us. I feel that was the greatest message.
    —Nicholas Jurus, screenwriter
  • What a marvel. There is no one in Vienna who could write this type of composition.
    —Lukas Medlam, composer and violinist
  • It’s a spiritual, peaceful, and an absorbing experience.
    —Steve Kates (dr. Sky), radio and television personality
  • There is a massive power in this that can embrace the world, and I think it’s a positive barrier against evil, violence, lies, falsehood, and that is the way.
    —Daniel Herman, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic
  • Not only was it thrilling—I was in awe of the costuming and the dancing—but it taught me so much about the Chinese culture.
    —Dr. Gayla Kalp Jackson, Ms. Senior California 2014
  • Everyone exudes grace and nobility and the things that our world needs more of.
    —Freddie Ravel, Grammy-nominated composer and musician
  • It’s amazing how each dance has its own character and is different and is intriguing.
    —Margot Parsons, Lecturer in Dance at Boston University & Artistic Director of DanceVisions
  • This was an incredible presentation of pageantry and the Chinese culture throughout the ages.
    —Josh Prince, Broadway choreographer of "Shrek The Musical"
  • Really go in with an open heart and open mind and just expect the unexpected.
    —Hector Bardeguez, associate media manager at CBS News
  • It was very positive, talking about heaven and about being your best self.
    —Anddy Matos, associate producer at A+E Networks
  • I’m especially delighted by this show. This contains so much of what we try to develop in relation to education and young people.
    —Dominique Föllmi, former President of the State Council of Geneva & current orchestra president
  • I am a great admirer of Chinese culture and Chinese history. I spent a wonderful evening and I thank [Shen Yun] from my heart.
    —Fuad Ii Of Egypt, last King of Egypt
  • I feel blessed, I feel that there is more to life than just negativity—with a show that I’ve experienced [it] has shown [a] lot of love...
    —Paora Te Pue
  • I feel like it’s touched my life and changed my life in a way that I will never forget.
    —Linda Eppinger, music teacher
  • I just thank you from the bottom of my heart and for us that are here that really need you, and more people like you, to do what you’re doing.
    —Susan Stafford, accomplished actress and humanitarian
  • Shen Yun vividly portrays what the real Chinese people are—their true beauty and their true selves—and these have been lost in modern China.
    —Jieming Zeng, former Chinese TV reporter
  • It was a message of peace, a message of hope, and also it was a message of joy.
    —Spencer Haywood, NBA star
  • [The performance] appeals to the highest parts of us, and that wants us to be better people.
    —Martin Ray, former clarinetist
  • It was very exciting and the talent is extraordinary.
    —Geoffrey Bradfield, luxury interior designer
  • A nimble mastery.
    — Chicago Tribune
  • If everyone could just watch this show, then it would have a great impact in terms of spreading traditional culture, and raising the level of morality and belief in China.
    —Luo Yu, famed Chinese dissident
  • You’re feeling something from the dancers. You are feeling something very beautiful, very personal, very deep, very rich, very sincere and elevated.
    —Anne Vollink, pianist
  • An outstanding performance worthy of a standing ovation.
    —City News Canberra
  • It was just inspiring, and I deeply, deeply enjoyed it.
    —David Wallace, business owner
  • I’m just blown away by it. It is the most spectacular thing I’ve seen this year at least, if not in my entire life.
    —Jeffrey Conn, software engineer
  • I’m at a loss for words. The professionalism, the skill, is beyond words. Phenomenal, just phenomenal.
    —Grace Blank, classical concertgoer
  • They say it takes ten years of work for one minute on stage—you can tell there was a tremendous amount of heart and effort put into this concert.
    —Guangcheng Chen, renowned Chinese civil rights activist (photo from 2014)
  • It’s a fresh experience. Shen Yun doesn’t come often enough.
    —Kerry Stratton, Toronto Concert Orchestra conductor and radio host
  • It’s like a perfect blend of something foreign for me
    —Bonnie Comley, three time Tony Award-winning producer
  • It’s the best of both worlds... I think a lot of this is the historical significance of the music.
    —Kenneth Melo, filmmaker
  • The program is very creative… This was really special, we’ve never heard anything like this before.
    —Ron Goldschlager, investment group director
  • I especially loved the violin soloist. She was excellent.
    —Adu Raudkivi, award-winning journalist
  • Don’t miss it.
    —Rick Phillips, radio host of “Sound Advice” and classical music expert
  • Gosh, the whole thing was very magical, just like Neverland...
    —Christopher Inlow, actor
  • I was just amazed at how the humanity can physically manifest itself and the spiritual can be transformed into physical movements.
    —Ted Mckee, chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
  • Actually what touched me was when a group of armed men came to violate the rights of some citizens whose only crime was that they were practicing their tradition, their culture, their traditional heal
    —Chief Charles A. Taku, Lead Counsel at International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
  • The orchestra is phenomenal. They are very very on top.
    —Roger Tallman, seven-time Emmy Award–winning composer
  • Shen Yun show is different from ordinary performances. Not only is it an art, but it is also full of positive energy that touches the bottom of our hearts.
    —Shima Takahiro, chief director of the Designers Association (DAS), Japan
  • This show should be seen by our young people. It would teach them respect of others.
    —Heinz Golombeck, former MP, Germany
  • I felt really honored to sit in the audience and watch it.
    —Svetlan Stoev, Bulgarian Ambassador to Sweden
  •’s just evil versus good. They are fighting [evil] and being kind.
    —Count Ian Wachtmeister, former party leader and government official for Sweden's New Democracy Party, author, & businessman
  • I really entered into a calm state, an inner peace.
    —Kristina Minicheva, dance teacher
  • I have never seen anything like it in my life. It is from the soul and body.
    —Dr. Pk Mahanandia, painter & Odisha’s cultural ambassador to Sweden
  • The performance is full of sincerity, compassion and beauty, and it also showcases stories about the principles of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance.
    —Ko Wen-je, Mayor of Taipei
  • This is a lifetime opportunity for some of our children and it will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
    —Sofina Islam, "Order of the British Empire" award-winning headteacher
  • It was very uplifting, very uplifting and inspiring, and at times—very deep.
    —David Eaton, composer, music director and conductor at New York City Symphony
  • That's compliments to the composers that are able to integrate the two kinds of instruments—delightful.
    —Per Brevig, professor at the Juilliard School and conductor
  • For me to come out and just be so lost in the music that I heard, it’s a real tribute to the artists that I saw tonight. It’s just an incredible experience for me and my wife and son.
    —Glen Duncan, Grammy Award-Winning Musician
  • Such a performance allows people the chance to reflect on themselves.
    —Chang Chih-hsiang, director of the Land Administration Bureau of Taichung City Government, Taiwan
  • The music they've created is such an excellent combination of traditional melodies.
    —Dr. Richard Webb, professor and dean Emeritus of the College of Arts and Humanities, Southern University
  • The quality of the sound is beautiful. The rhythmic structure is wonderful. It’s so precise.
    —David Dworkin, conductor
  • It’s a very strong dramatic sound. I was very moved by the lyrics.
    —Dr. Sarah Parks, assistant professor of music and director of music program, St. Norbert College
  • It's overwhelming. I have to tell you that the sound is beautiful. The orchestra, very talented.
    —Stewart F. Lane, six-time Tony Award–winning producer
  • Today I witnessed a Shen Yun performance for the first time. I was so touched that I wanted to cry.
    —Yi Qin Jiang, fashion designer
  • Shen Yun is perfection in everything: the dancing, the songs and the music. The harmony between performers is of the highest degree...
    —Dr. Michael Meister, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany
  • For me, for seeing it a third time, it impacted me like I had never seen it before, but it went deeper; the tears are not tears of sadness. It’s tears of humbleness...
    —Jim Crill, former television producer
  • For a professional musician like me, this is my life, I want to tell you that everything was perfect.
    —Vania Angelova, one of Bulgaria's acclaimed composers
  • We try to make it a shared event because it is of the greatest importance to our family in any given year
    —Julia Streif, high school senior
  • Having high caliber performers on those instruments in a way that they can perform both in a Western way and in a Chinese way, to me that is impressive.
    —Denton Thomas, trombone performer, composer
  • Every time we saw Shen Yun we were amazed. Therefore, we will never miss this performance.
    —Hirh Herta Margarete Habsburg Lothringen, Archduchess of Austria, Princess of Tuscany
  • The orchestration is beautiful music, beautiful sound, soothing to the ear, comforting.
    —Robert Coons, former president of the board of directors of the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra
  • Money can’t buy happiness, but the money I spent on this show bought happiness for sure, because I just feel fulfilled, and spiritually lifted, and happy.
    —Nikki Colgate, general manager at The Boulder Tea Company
  • I loved the use of colors and I loved the way the fabric moved... all these things are inspirations.
    —Jan Taminiau, Dutch fashion designer (designer of Queen Maxima’s dress at the Investiture of Willem-Alexander)
  • The show is a combination of culture and high-tech. The younger generation...
    —Fan Sun-lu, Director-General of Bureau of Education, Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan
  • It’s totally divine. I really felt the higher power of the performers coming from a higher place.
    —Tracy Bartram, Australian comedian, radio personality and singer
  • The show is enormously uplifting. The diversity and the quality of the performance was really first class. I was really impressed.
    —Kate Reilly, artistic director of Melbourne School of Classical Dance
  • I thought the very clever thing was the way the screen portrayed a much bigger picture than you could portray with just the dancers. I thought that was really wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like
    —Dr. Garry Brown, Emeritus Professor in Aerospace Engineering
  • In this day and age and what’s going on in the world, I think people have to come back to individuality, into a spiritual being, into the enlightenment of what we are really here for... And the more p
    —Cheryl Bader, business manager
  • This show was emotional, funny, dramatic... and there is a divine element. I could feel the generations in the pageantry.
    —Roberta Seno, singer
  • The music was so intense that you feel it in your body. It created a wave in my body that made my heart open
    —Ellen Benfatti, visual artist
  • It’s more than a show, because I think it’s the closest human beings can come to create this beautiful harmony, and it’s inspired by a high level of consciousness.
    —Andre Salmon, linguistics professor
  • The dancers were most impressive, the way in which they uphold the traditional values, and also the underlying message that was conveyed this evening.
    —Keith Suter, commentator, strategic planner, author and media personality
  • It is very encouraging for the audience to connect with the truth—it is full of art, beauty, compassion, discipline. I’m so happy I am here tonight.
    —Fadik Arasoy, actress, co-founder of Red Case entertainment company
  • It’s an amazing performance that really inspires people because you see the story that’s being told of ancient legends and today’s current events are all shown in dance and song, and it’s really somet
    —Jim Dear, mayor of Carson City
  • The professionalism of this group is just extraordinary.
    —Craig T. Nelson, Emmy Award-winning actor
  • Be inspired. Be amazed.
    Experience the divine culture’s return.